What’s Up with Faye?

Since I haven’t updated my blog in about a month, here’s what’s been happening for the past few weeks:

  1. I finished my fiction writing class.  It was fun!  Some of the class members are trying to get a writing group started, so we’ll see how that goes.
  2. Helped shoot for a couple of films.
  3. Decided I like writing better than filmmaking.  More on that later.
  4. Found out my dad wants to write a memoir.  Neat!  He has some really good stories about being a Chinese refuge in WWII and immigrating to the US.  Apparently he wanted to be a writer when he was young.  I guess now I know where I got my storytelling bug from :)
  5. Got sick.  Boo!
  6. Work…oooo…fun!

To expand on #3, I’ve decided that I don’t like working on a film set.  Granted, I’ve only tried it a few times with amateurs (both experienced and inexperienced), but I found it boring.  I didn’t feel any spark for it whatsoever.  The people were usually nice, and now at least I’ve tried it, so I don’t feel like it was a waste.  I was hoping that if I did something like directing or cinematography, I would be more excited.  However, that’s a really small part of the film.

Most of the time on the set was setting up a shot and moving the camera around.  So there’s a lot of waiting…and some more waiting…and then you do a scene for about a minute.  And then you do the scene again.  And again.  And then you set up the next shot.  This is alright if you get to wait around in a nice comfy chair and read.  But you’re mostly standing around all day.  Add in some cold and wind, and you have a pretty miserable day.  A pretty miserable day of waiting around.

Part of the reason I thought I’d like making movies is because it’s collaborative.  But that can be good and bad.  They make it look pretty cool on all the behind the scenes features on DVDs.  You see Akira Kurosawa hanging out with his friends, having tea, talking about the film they’re writing and just having a grand ol’ time.  That’s if you’re buddies with everyone.  What if you don’t gel with the crew?  What if they’re not as excited as you are?  It’s awkward.  You don’t have this wonderful, inspired feeling that comes from collaborating with other creative people, all while combining each of your best assets to create a work of art.  It just falls flat.  You’re trying to inspire a bunch of people who are bored or have motives other than creating art.


I could keep trying at this, but that’s what I did in college.  I liked something just fine, but I didn’t love it, and after “giving it one more shot” for 4 years, I hated it.  I was depressed and full of self-doubt.  What I do like is writing.  When I was in my writing classes, I was excited.   I had fun.  I liked thinking of stories.  So I’m going to focus on that.  Maybe I’ll come back to film at some point and maybe I won’t.  You have to follow what excites you and cut out the cruft.  And right now film is cruft for me.  I still love watching movies though, so look out for some film reviews soon :)

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One Response to What’s Up with Faye?

  1. Mary says:

    So that’s what’s been up with Faye! Well, congratulations on figuring out that film might not be your true passion and discovering how much you like writing. It’s true, if you had never pursued it, you would have spent your life wondering “what if…” Somewhat on a similar note, I recently discovered being self-employed, not in a traditional 9-5) isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be! But trying out something else definitely made me appreciate the steady paycheck and other comforts of the 9-5. And now I no longer wonder so much what it would be like! :)

    Your dad should totally write a memoir! You should help him or encourage him on that!

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