Happy Weekends

I had a really good weekend!  On Friday night, Tim and I just relaxed with some pizza and watched Terminator 2.  It was his birthday, and usually we’d have a nice dinner somewhere, but he just wanted to chill out.  The next day I cleaned up a bit in the morning and then helped out to shoot Lyman and Marcela, a short film that I’m working on.  I just did sound, so I basically held the boom mic up from 2-6pm.  It was pretty interesting though.  I haven’t worked on films before, so I got to see what it was like.  Lots of waiting :p  What was cool was seeing the film come together after reading the script.  Seeing the characters in front of you interacting can improve the words on the page.  You also have to plan quite a bit.  The director already had storyboards and everything, but we still had to work things out, like keeping the boom mic out of the shot.  The cinematographer and director also argued a bit over “the line“.  And finally, it took 4-5 hours to shoot about 3 minutes of dialogue.  Something I’ll keep in mind as I continue my filmmaking exploration.  After this experience, I set a goal for myself to write a script for the next Scary Cow round, so I can try out being on the creative end of things.

After I finished the shoot, Tim and I went out for a belated birthday dinner.  He had special ordered a chocolate pie from Mission Beach Cafe, so we went there.  I had this awesome eggplant and cheese raviolis.  The cheese was Red Hawk triple cream from Cowgirl Creamery, a local cheese maker.  So good!  It was a very creamy, but somewhat tangy, cheese.  Then we took home the chocolate pie and I also got a slice of Key Lime Velvet Cream pie to go.  Oh boy.  If you love lime or citrus, this is definitely the pie for you.  I’ve also had the Lemon Velvet Cream pie which is also really good.  After dinner, we relaxed some more, and had a pretty lazy Sunday.

It was just such a nice weekend!  I remember thinking many times how happy I felt.  I had such a grateful feeling the whole weekend.  Grateful for my husband and grateful for the choices that I’ve made.  Here’s to cherishing life!

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