The Value of Men

I saw this article on BBC News the other day, about the development of sperm from stem cells, and the response of certain bloggers:

“Yet I feel compelled – and not just as the mother of two small boys – to make a spirited defence of the weaker sex. Where would I be without my husband to read 80 pages of a car manual, in French, to find out how the back windscreen-wiper works?”

“Women have always known that men are a bit of a waste of space … Now British scientists have proved how unnecessary blokes truly are by creating the first human sperm from stem cells.”

Sure, these are sarcastic comments, but you hear this sort of thing often.  That all men are pigs for instance.  The problem that I see is that men aren’t held up to any standard anymore.  It’s (apparently) prissy to look nice, to clean up, to be kind to and revere your wife (or partner).  Men are redundant and unnecessary, and mothers are telling their sons that what they’re good for is looking up how to fix a windshield wiper (!).

When you say all men are pigs or slobs, they have no reason to act any better than a lazy bum.   When you proliferate throughout the culture the idea that men are useless, why would they strive for greatness?

My husband is a good man who showed me how to have pride in myself.  My father and brother are intelligent and productive men, who both taught me the values I still hold today.  My father-in-law and brother-in-law are both kind and caring and welcomed me into their family, which I’m grateful for.  I’m friends with men that are doting fathers, dedicated husbands, who dress nicely, clean up the dishes, paint works of art, fight for justice, and certainly are no sissies.  They all add so much value to the world, and it would feel like a lesser place without them around.  If you don’t see what I see, maybe the solution is to start looking in the right places, instead of slandering the whole sex.

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