iPhone Addiction

So…remember when I posted that Henry has forced me to use technology? Or, more accurately, how he was the impetus for me to find new uses for my iPhone? Well, now I’m addicted to the damn thing! Crap.

I do love my “space phone”, as someone called it the other day, but I’ve been reminded recently that you have to be mindful of how you use technology. I think the social applications are the worst. On the one hand, they’re fantastic for keeping up with friends and family, finding fascinating news from unexpected places, and in general being connected with people that aren’t near you geographically. On the other, it’s a time suck!

How many of those links you follow will genuinely improve your life and mind? Are you staying in touch with your friends or passing idle time? Do you really need to know that your friends in Atlanta are going to happy hour next Tuesday? Oh wait…I do, I might be there…

I thought about all this last night when Tim and I just sat and played with Henry after dinner. We didn’t watch TV. We weren’t playing Kickin’ Momma on our phones or checking our Twitter feed. We all just sat together. Henry was so content. He didn’t try to grab at our speakers or pull the books out of the shelves, which is what he normally does if we’re with him but not really paying attention. I guess he’s been trying to tell us something.

Later that night I thought about all the books I’ve been meaning to read and how they’ve been piling up. Blogs and stories I’ve been meaning to write and haven’t gotten to. Tasks that have been languishing on my todo list. Basically, my life. And then I thought about all the levels on Cut the Rope I’ve beaten.

Watch out for that idle time. Stop and think about how you really want to be using it.

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