My Baby Is Forcing Me to Use Technology

I’m such a luddite, which is funny, because I’m a Computer Science major. It’s mostly the influence of my parents. My dad doesn’t even have a cell phone. I don’t usually stay on top of new technologies, but that’s all changing now that I have a baby.

I barely have time (or the free hands) to brush my teeth let alone hop on the computer. However, since I have an iPhone, there’s a lot I have at my fingertips now that I never explored before. I didn’t have to explore, so I just didn’t. Now my phone is one of the few links I have to the adult world.

It all started when I’d hop on my iPhone while nursing. I use an application (which I didn’t even download myself; Tim did) called Total Baby to keep track of diapers, nursing, and other various baby things. So I started using that. And then I started just reading my e-mail or checking Facebook while occupied with Henry. Because I was nursing so much in the beginning, it was the easiest way for me to do anything, so I started exploring what I could do on my phone. I remembered that there was a Kindle application, so I could read books on it. I could play games on it. I could update my blog on it. I even went and got a Twitter account. Oh my goodness, would you look at that! Technology is useful :p

So, thank you, Henry. Thank you for forcing Mommy to use the interwebs ‘n stuff.

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